Politics and big data: How things have changed in the last four years

August 30, 2016

How does the political climate adapt to the ever-changing way people consume media? Phil Rist of Prosper Business Development joins Jay in a conversation about how things have changed since the last presidential election and how politicians need to adapt to the new way of presenting their message.


Venture capitalism and start-ups in Ohio

August 25, 2016

Ohio has become a hot spot for venture capitalists to invest in companies. The level of talent and sense of community that the state provides are just a few of the reasons VC’s are putting their money here. Jay talks with Falon Donahue, CEO of Venture Ohio, and Porter Wright attorney Brett Thornton about why many international companies, including start-ups and emerging businesses from Israel, Japan and the EU, large organizations like Amazon and cyber security firms are calling Ohio home.


Gun jumping the Brazilian way

August 23, 2016

Gun jumping – coordination before merger clearance – isn’t just an American issue.  Jay and Andre Gilbert, a Brazilian competition attorney, discuss what happens in Brazil when parties work together prior to the approval of a merger – Brazil’s standards, potential fines and the penalties companies might be faced with when this happens.


Introduction to Brazilian antitrust enforcement

August 18, 2016

Before the independence of CADE (the Administrative Council for Economic Defense), it could take months for Brazilian mergers to be approved. Jay talks to Brazilian competition attorney Andre Gilberto about how the Brazilian government improved the process for reviewing antitrust and merger cases, and what crimes can be criminally prosecuted and merger control.


Insights into the data analytics community

August 11, 2016

Jay is once again accompanied by Phil Rist, executive vice president of Prosper Business Development, to discuss how the data analytics community is growing, what’s needed to get into the business and how once separate industries are coming together to provide better customer experiences.


Part three: Privacy Matters

August 8, 2016

Concluding our privacy matters series, Ryan Graham discusses recent class actions and gives an industry update.